Oklo provides 24/7 clean energy to data centers, factories, industrial sites, communities, and defense facilities. Oklo offers heat and power through power purchase agreements.

Introducing the Aurora powerhouse product line

Oklo collaborated with Gensler architects to design an award-winning modular architecture for the Aurora Powerhouse, designing with a goal of simplified and rapid construction capability.

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Purchasing power from Oklo can support corporate clean energy commitments, environment and sustainability goals, and ultimately support investment in a cleaner future. Fission has the lowest lifecycle carbon footprint, per the IPCC, and this reflects its minimal resource requirements per kWh produced. Oklo goes one step further by utilizing nuclear waste as fuel for its power plants.


Oklo is developing heat and electricity products with unparalleled reliability. Reliability is paramount for many industrial and defense uses where power must stay on. Because the Aurora powerhouse product line only needs to be refueled once every decade (or longer), the main expected downtimes are for power conversion system maintenance. Already, nuclear power has proven uptimes with capacity factors exceeding 90%. Oklo's products are expected to match and exceed that.


The Aurora simplifies operations and maintenance, and sits on a small site footprint of a few acres. Because of this, operating and maintenance costs are minimized, and plants can be sited where customers need the power without requiring expensive and lengthy power line transmission. Oklo can provide heat and electricity directly to customers in both regulated and unregulated utility states. Because we sell energy, and don't require capital cost investments, Oklo is uniquely suited to serve customers directly. We will customize the power package for a customer depending on total power needs, reliability needs, heat and electricity needs, and other specific factors to ensure that the energy provided is at a compelling price point.


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Cost competitive

Oklo began its design work a decade ago with a focus not just on the design, but how it would be constructed and operated. This lifecycle focus is embedded within the Oklo DNA. There are a number of key focus areas which enable Oklo to achieve cost competitiveness with all energy sources.